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[BIFF Press Release] Busan International Film Festival Appoints CHO Jongkook as Managing Director 2023-05-09

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Press Release | 2023.05.09

Busan International Film Festival Appoints

CHO Jongkook as Managing Director

The Busan International Film Festival held a general assembly and board of directors meeting on May 9 (Tues), where Cho Jongkook was elected as managing director to lead alongside current festival director, Huh Moonyung.

Managing Director CHO Jongkook Elected at the

May 9 (Tues) General Assembly

Proficient Operation Expected for Busan International Film Festival

뼰 Managing Director, CHO Jongkook

Managing director Cho Jongkook has accumulated a profound career, from the weekly film magazine, Film Journal, editor of Cine 21, chief editor of monthly film magazine Screen, to serving as secretary general of Busan Film Commission and Korean Film Council. With such expertise as an industry and policy expert in the media, film, and audiovisual administrations, Cho is expected to play a key role in managing the efficient operation of Busan International Film Festival and leading the organization in pursuing its future goals.

Festival director, Huh Moonyung, will continue to oversee the official selection of films and festival events and discover prominent directors and films in Korea and Asia, while managing director Cho Jongkook will oversee the operation of the organization, such as corporate operation, general affairs, administration, and budgeting. The appointment of the managing director will not only secure global competitiveness for BIFF as a worldwide film festival, but also focus its efforts on accomplishing its mid-to-long term vision and strategic task of becoming an 쁀sian film hub festival, as announced last year.

The 28th Busan International Film Festival will be held for 10 days from Oct 4 (Wed) to Oct 13 (Fri) around the Busan Cinema Center.

뼞 Managing Director CHO Jongkook

(1992~1993) Weekly Film Magazine, Film Journal / Monthly Film Magazine, Screen Journalist

(1994~1996) Video Rental Franchise 쁌ovie Village Founder, Planning Director, Editor-in-Chief

(1996~1997) Monthly Film Magazine, Screen Editor-in-Chief

(1997~2000) Weekly Film Magazine, Cine 21 Reporter, Journalism Team Manager

(2001~2012) Film Production Company President, Producer

(2007~2009) Busan International Film Festival Head of Management Support Department

(2011~2014) Busan Film Commission Secretary General

(2014~2018) Weekly Film Magazine, Cine 21 Editor (Non-executive)

(2018~2021) Korean Film Council Secretary General

뼞 Filmography (Feature)

(2005) Way To Go, Rose (Director KIM Eung-su, Korean Film Council, Low-Budget Art Film Fund Selection) Co-producer

(2006) The Customer Is Always Right (Director OH Kee-hyun) Producer

뼚 The 28th Busan International Film Festival : Oct 4 (Wed) Oct 13 (Fri)
뼚 The 18th Asian Contents & Film Market : Oct 7 (Sat) Oct 10 (Tues)

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