28th Busan International Film Festival, 4-13 October 2023 Individual Interview Guide

The 28th Busan International Film Festival

Individual Interview Guide

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) provides an individual interview coordination service, arranging interviews between the guests and the press. Only BIFF 2023 press badge holders are eligible for the individual interview, and applications for the interview are limited to those who have been issued their press badges.

Individual Interview Dates

  • Oct 5 (Thurs) – Oct 12 (Thurs) 2023
    ※ Available for 8 days during the festival period, excluding opening and closing days

Interview Application Periods

  • - 1st Round Application: Sept 19 (Tues) - Sept 24 (Sun), 2023, 11:59 PM KST
    ▶For interviews from Oct 5 (Thurs) to Oct 8 (Sun), please submit the application within the first round application deadline.
  • - 2nd Round Application: Sept 27 (Wed) - Oct 1 (Sun), 2023, 11:59 PM KST
1st Round 1st Round Application Period: Sept 19 (Tues) – Sept 24 (Sun) 2023, 11:59PM KST
Interviews are available on any dates between Oct 5 (Thurs) - Oct 12 (Thurs)
2nd Round 2nd Round Application Period: Sept 27 (Wed) – Oct 1(Sun) 2023, 11:59PM KST
Interviews are available only between Oct 9 (Mon) - Oct 12 (Thurs)

※ Application for Interviews during the first week of film festival (Oct 5 (Thurs) – Oct 8 (Sun)) is now closed.

※ Interview schedules will be finalized upon confirming arrangements between the guests and press.


Guests Available for Interview
- Guests of films (excluding Opening/Closing Film and Gala Presentation Guest)
- Jury members (excluding New Currents and Actor of the Year Award)
- Award recipient (New Currents, Actor of the Year, Jiseok)
- Main guests of the Asian Contents & Film Market
- CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy Dean and mentors

※ Non-Korean/International films being promoted by domestic distribution companies and PR agencies are unavailable for individual interviews

Interview Format

  • Individual interviews are conducted one-on-one.
  • Press rounding or group interview might be arranged in place of individual interviews for guests with schedule conflicts, and you must register in advance to participate (on-site registration unavailable).

Interview Arrangements

  • Individual interviews at the Busan International Film Festival must be arranged through the BIFF Public Relations team. In any case that you have to contact the guest directly, the PR team must be informed in advance.
  • Interview schedules are subject to change depending on the guests’ schedules, and interviews may not be arranged due to schedule conflicts.
  • Interviews may be conducted in a group upon the guest’s request.

Interview Confirmation

  • Interview schedules cannot be confirmed in advance. The final confirmation will be made via phone or meeting with the guest upon their arrival in Korea. Each interviewer will be notified of interview time and locations once their interview is finalized.

Interview Duration

  • Each interview is limited to 40 minutes (including the time for interview setup and photo shoot) or shorter, depending on the guest.

How to Apply​

Fill out the application form to submit OR click the button at the bottom of this page.

※ Please note that interviews may not always get finalized, and finalized interviews are also subject to cancellation depending on the guests’ circumstances.

※ Please submit a separate application for each interviewee (i.e. If you are applying to interview 3 different guests, you must submit 3 separate applications).