5-14 October 2022

27th PRESS Service

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Press badges are for journalists affiliated with official media platforms(print media, radio, television, online press, press agency, and magazines) to aid journalists covering the festival and market.
The 27th Busan International Film Festival strictly abides by the safety guidelines provided by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
In accordance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, additional documents may be requested prior to picking up the badges (※ Further detail to be provided)
We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding for a safe film festival.

[Required Procedures for Participants Entering from Overseas (As of Aug. 1st, 2022)]
  ●   A Negative PCR Test taken within 48 hours from the day of departure
    or Rapid Antigen Test taken within 24 hours from the day of departure
  ●  Mandatory PCR Test on the day of arrival
Please make sure to check the latest information on the immigration procedure in the Republic of Korea and the country of departure

For further inquiries, please contact pressbadge@biff.kr.
Required Documents for Press Badge Pick-up
좌우로 스크롤 하세요!
Type Documents
General Registration -   ID
-   E-mail guideline for Press Badge pick-up (Presented on mobile or printed)
On-site Registration -   ID
-   Business Card
-   Administrative Fee: 50.00 USD

※ In accordance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, additional documents may be requested prior to picking up the badge (※ Further detail will be provided)
Press Badge Guideline
  • Press badges are classified into two types in order to support the coverage of the press.
  • Press badges are classified into two types: Press and Press T (Technician).
  • One badge per person (one person cannot be issued both types of press badges).
※ Following the COVID-19 safety regulations, Press Badge Guidelines may be modified accordingly.
Further information will be available in September.
Press Badge Type
  • ● Press

  • Press badges are for correspondents affiliated with official media platforms (print media, radio, television, online press, press agencies, and magazines)
    • - Correspondents and editors for print, online media or news agencies
    • - Correspondent producers, writers, program planners, and TV and radio reporters
    • - Critics & contributors who regularly contribute film critiques and relevant articles to the media (limited to those who have been active within the past year)
    ※ Opening/Closing Ceremony passes are only available to Press T (Technician) badge holders.
  • ● Press T (Technician)

  • Press T (Technician) badges are for outsourced media employees or filming agencies responsible for technical aspects including photography and camera operation
    • - e.g. Photographers, Camera operators/assistants, Sound/Audio technicians, Lighting, and Editing staff
    ※ Press T (Technician) badge holders are eligible to apply for Opening/Closing Ceremony passes.
Press Badge Benefits
※Drag left!
Type Available
Tickets per
Access to
Press Press 4
Press T
▲ : Separate passes are required for certain photo zones. (e.g. Opening/Closing Ceremony Photo Zone)
Who is
Not Eligible?
  • Administrative staff who do not work as reporters/correspondents (e.g. operation management team members, accountants, advertising team members, secretaries, protocol officers, drivers, etc)
  • Administrative staff from outsourcing companies
  • One-person media creators and bloggers
  • Contributors who are only active on social media
Press Badge Application Period
  • General Registration
  • August 8 (Mon) ~ September 16 (Fri), 18:00 (KST)
  • NONE
  • On-site Registration
  • October 4 (Tue) ~ October 14 (Fri)
  • 50.00 USD
Press Accreditation Desk

Tel: +82-51-709-2192~3 | E-mail: pressbadge@biff.kr